Lead Guitar/Vocals
Lead Guitarist and Vocalist founded the band in
1982. His stylistic guitar  playing is the glue that
holds the band together.  He has been playing
music professionally even before his teen years.  
He's played in various full time West Coast  road
bands  before forming "The SHADES" in Seattle.
FUN FACT:  Bobby loves golf.
The original SHADES were formed in Seattle, WA in 1982 by guitarist Bobby Nelsen.  Members
included singer Mark Levick from "The Machine," guitarist Glen Eagleson from "No Cheese Please,"
bassist Dan  Stoican from "Baby Knockers,"  and drummer Carl Palmer.
The SHADES signed with  the WSA and FarWest booking agencies,  primarily playing road dates
throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. The SHADES have also played  shows
with various artists such as The Lou Gramm Band,  The Fran Cosmo Band,  TKO,  Doucette, The Charlie
Bird Trio, The Coasters, The Classic Rock All-Stars (featuring members of Rare Earth, Sugarloaf, Iron
Butterfly, The Blues Image),  Hell's  Belles, &  Elvin Bishop.   In the early years  you may have seen
them locally at AK's and Dominiks while they  traveled through the Tri-Cities between 1980-1990.
In 1994, Bobby Nelsen relocated to the Tri-Cities and reformed  The SHADES with new players,
influencing the style of  music, stage show, and energy The SHADES have become known for. One
thing has always remained true.  We love music.  Always have, always will.  
Lead Vocals/Guitar
Lead Singer/Guitarist started with the band back in
2004 and you all may also know her from being a
radio personality on various Radio Stations
including 98.3 The Key, which she continues to do.
If anyone can get the party started….it’s her for
sure! She is a passionate, seasoned performer who
is at home being on stage.  And lovin' every minute.
FUN FACT:  Faith loves horses.
Billy is a excellent seasoned Drummer and
excellent Vocalist. Former member of The
Cavaliers of "Last Kiss" fame. Google it - you will
know the song that Pearl Jam also recorded a
version of. Billy provides the feel and "groove" that
enables The SHADES to rock solid and cover such a
wide variety of music. Billy joined The SHADES in
FUN FACT: Billy loves trains.
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Bass Guitar/Vocals
A Bass player and vocalist who provides the
Rock Solid foundation for the band to groove on.
Rick has been with The SHADES since 1994. He
grew up in the Seattle area and played with
various pro bands before joining The SHADES.
A true rocker at heart, Rick also enjoys playing
the diverse variety that the band plays.
FUN FACT: Rick loves Nascar.